Thyroid ultrasound is the most common imaging modality performed in evaluating thyroid nodules.  US imaging will provide information about the size of the thyroid, presence or abscence of nodules and may be used in evaluating lymph nodes in the neck.  It will provide informatopn about the characteristics of thyroid nodules such as size, cystic vs. solid nature, echogenicity, shape, presence of calcifications, vascularity and location of the nodules. These characterisitcs will help the clinitian determine if further investigation such as biopsy is indicated. 

CT scanning and MRI

CT and MRI may be used to further evlatue the thyroid and surrounding structures.  It can be used to evlatue the lymph nodes in the neck, presence of tracheal (windpipe) deviation or compression and the extension of thyroid gland into the mediastinum (chest).